Small Restaurant, Big Data

Exploring the Data Galaxy in Restaurant

Data created in restaurants is more than revenue numbers.For each transaction, iCHEF POS App records more than 40 data points, including flavor preference, waiter, and serving time, etc..

A small restaurant serving 100 sets customers a day will thus create more than 1 million data points and more than 2 trillion correlation methods.  This number is 10 times more than that of planets in our galaxy

Exploring the correlation of the information through big-data technology, we can possibly help small restaurants use their own big data, to predict their future.

Bring Scientists to Restaurants

iCHEF works with the Institute of Service Science (ISS) at National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU).  The project is directed by Dr. Galit, the Director of the Center for Service Innovation (CISA).

Using Advanced Machine  Learning Technology from Microsoft

Based on data from iCHEF POS App, research team will utilize advanced tool on Microsoft Azure and start the analysis.

The Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure can analyze big data and intelligently build up predictive behavior models to master consumers’ preferences and have timely, suitably, and applicably interaction plan with customers.

As strategic technology partner, Microsoft will provide training and consultants to support research team  to find groundbreaking knowledges.

Debut: First Explorer

The first participant of “Small Restaurant, Big Data” project is Sun Spark Group, having more shops than McDonalds in Taiwan.  One of the affiliated brands of the group is Laya Burger.

Sun Spark Group will import iCHEF POS App into brands like Tino’s pizza Cafe, and export the captured big data to research group for analysis.

The result will be handed to headquarters of Sun Spark Group, providing more solutions to increase Tino’s revenue and further expand this edge to other affiliated shops.

Building Restaurants for 21st Century

With the big data technology of 21st century, surpass the management viewpoint built up by human beings, find out Freakonomics in restaurant business, and build up keys to run restaurant business in 21st century.

For example, the research might uncover the pattern such as this : If you have 20% more milk tea sold on Fridays, you will have 40% more customers with kids on that weekend.

Once the new formula is found, iCHEF can develop the automatic alarming function on App, named “Milk Tea Predictor, helping servers make better judgment.

Thousands of Small Restaurant Grow Big

During the project, we expect more participation brands and more unknown data correlation. These new findings will make difference to restaurant management in the past 2000 years.

iCHEF will develop the explored data correlation to iCHEF POS App automated analysis tool and update App to thousands of small restaurants using iCHEF.  They will then easily acquire the restaurant data technology of the 21st century.

iCHEF desires to equip small restaurants with enterprise level technology.

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